North Korea blames US for Russian invasion

North Korea blames US for Russian invasion

North Korea has accused the United States of being "the root cause of the Ukrainian crisis", in a first official reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Washington pursued a policy of "military supremacy, in defiance of Russia's legitimate demand for its security," reads a message published Saturday on the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website, signed by a researcher from the Society for the Study of International Politics.

"The root cause of the Ukrainian crisis also lies in the authoritarianism and arbitrariness of the United States," he added.

In the same note, the US is criticized for having "double standards" in relation to the rest of the world. It accused the US of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries in the name of "peace and stability", while "unjustifiably denouncing the self-defense measures taken by [these] countries to ensure their own national security".

"The days when the United States reigned are over," he concluded.

Still, the message posted on the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website is understood to be an official "discreet" response from Pyongyang because it was published in an individual name, said Park Won-gon, a professor of North Korean studies at the Ewha University in Seoul, South Korea.

On Thursday, Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine, with ground forces and bombing targets in several cities, which has already caused at least 198 deaths, including civilians, and more than 1,100 wounded, in Ukrainian territory, according to Kiev. The UN reported 150,000 displaced people to Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Romania.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the "special military operation" in Ukraine aims to demilitarize the neighboring country and that it was the only way for Russia to defend itself, with the Kremlin specifying that the offensive will last as long as necessary.

The attack was condemned by the international community in general and led to emergency meetings of several governments, including the Portuguese, and of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the EU and the UN Security Council, with mass sanctions being approved against the Russia.


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